Saturday, May 9, 2015


Auntie J gave him to me. I love him. Yes, I am totally into Pokemon. Guess who else is? Mom. She and I play all the time. It's our special time together and our own crazy language at the dinner table.

Baseball 2015

No longer playing t-ball. Now I am a baseball player - coach pitch which is "rookie" league. The clinic Mom works for sponsored the team again this year. Coach pitch is really machine pitch. It has taken a lot of work to get used to hitting a moving object. Even my eye doctor said it would be a challenge for me with my lack of depth perception but I am learning and excelling.

Things haven't been as organized this year as they have been in the past. It took half the season to get the correct jerseys. We had a total of 3 practices the entire season. Thankfully, Dad, Uncle S, and Cousin Dede got me headed on the correct path and I am regularly practicing on my own.

I had one especially great game where I hit two home runs and won player of the game. I was awarded a ball to keep afterward. My beloved kindergarten teacher came to watch during that game, too. Here are some photos from some of my games and my special guests who have come to watch. 

First Grade Community Project...

Last month we finished our unit on communities. Prior to then it was about families.

For our community project we were to construction a three dimensional structure of something in our community and then describe how it serves our community. There were 100 items to choose from and each first grader chose one. There were 100 different structures ranging from soccer/baseball fields to fast food restaurants to gas stations and grocery stores. I chose the Stinker Station which is a gas station/convenience store. I was not super happy about the choice as there were not a lot of options left when it was my turn but we rolled with it. It was to be a family project. In the end I was pleased.

Here are the end results. The way it serves the community - gas for vehicles, food for travelers, air for the tires of vehicles, ice, movie rentals (Red Box), and live bait for fishing (yes, we have vending machines with live bait here).

Sunday, February 15, 2015

100th day of School

This past week I celebrated 100 days of school. I was to make a shirt with 100 things on it. Mom and I made a shirt of felt pieces - 100 of them - in the shape of Minecraft characters. 

7 Year Old Wellness Check...

Mom wanted to take all of us in for our appointments together so this posting is delayed. 

The day prior to the appointment, I came home from school with a temperature of 103 F. I immediately went to sleep and after about 15 hours of rest woke up fever free. In the interim, Mom had my asthma doctor call in tamiflu just in case. I did not start it because I was already asleep when Dad came home from the pharmacy. 

The next day I stayed home from school and went to my wellness check. At that appointment my throat looked a little sore (not like last time I had strep in the fall) but I was without fever. Still, they swabbed my throat. The test was negative and I went back to school the next day after I was fever free for 36 hours. 

I was a bit tearful at the appointment from the throat swabbing and seeing my sisters both get shots. Plus, we were at the clinic for over 2 hours, not to mention an hour in the car driving to and from there. At least I was caught up on my reading and school work. (I like to read in the car.)

Speaking of reading - I have grown leaps and bounds in that area. I pretty much can read anything. Sometimes I don't know what it means. For example, I was reading about snakes and it referred to the African peninsula. I did not know what a peninsula was but I could read the words. On my report card, everything related to reading was well above benchmark and cited as "exceeds expectations". I do have pretty horrible handwriting, even though I've average 97% on my spelling for the semester. This is getting better, though. Mom, Dad, and Mrs. S (my teacher) have all been working with me and it is much improved. Mostly, I just needed to learn to slow down.

I also enjoy drawing scenes and making/writing books. I do this when I am finished with my work at school. I finish fast.

I also enjoy school. I never complain about going. Sometimes I do complain about the homework and I do have a lot of that, but never a complaint about school. And we all like my teacher.

Legos, specifically minifigures, are a favorite activity of mine. I just got into Minecraft, too.

I am still a pretty picky eater but pizza and plain pasta are my favorite foods.

A few other health updates - my eyes are stable. My doctor made some minor changes to my prescription but I don't have to change it until I need a new pair of glasses. My asthma is stable and I've been off inhaled steroids for quite some time so I may be outgrowing it. At my dental exam, I have 3 of my 4 six year old molars. The 4th is about half in. No cavities. 

I recently passed my belt test to become a high level yellow belt. It's a lot of hard work but it has done amazing things for my physical strength and focus.

From Mom and Dad:

To Our Little Big Guy, we love that you still give us snuggles. We are so grateful you are the old soul of the family. We are so proud of your academic excellence and your thirst for knowledge. You are the best big brother and a friend to all. We hope you continue to just be you and let your light shine brightly.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014...

Just a few pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning 2014...

Santa Photos 2014...

Mom and Dad gave me a "Toothless Dragon" for my birthday. It is the Build-a-Bear variety. It came unstuffed so we had to take a trip to the mall to have him stuffed. 

Actually, that day was my "family birthday celebration". Mrs. T, my beloved kindergarten teacher, was unable to attend my party but she came by the house on celebration day to visit with me. I asked her to come over so I could practice my power point for her. She was a great audience and prepped me for the questions the class would ask. She also knows my first grade teacher quite well. She came over and visited with me. She is very special to all of us. I especially enjoyed the Lego candy she brought with her. There is little candy I like but, of course, she knows me well and knew what to bring!

Then Mom took the girls and me to the mall to get Toothless stuffed. While we were there Santa was starting to do visits and no one was in line. Last year, we waiting in line for almost 3 hours to see him. This year, we took advantage of the lack of line. We were not dressed in anything special but the photo turned out great. For a while the camera was not functioning but Santa being the magical guy he is sang carols with us and even kept BB happy. 

It was a great day but when Mom asked me at the end of the day what my favorite part was, I said, "Seeing Mrs. Taylor because I love her." That was the highlight of my day - even above Build-a-Bear AND Santa. I told you she was special.

I did not know what I wanted from Santa so I told him I would write a letter. It was just after Thanksgiving and actually, I did not make up my mind until 2 days before Christmas. Fortunately, my letter made it to the North Pole and I received in my stocking the 3 dragons I requested. Plus, he left a few refurbished Star Wars toys which are totally awesome! (See photos below of my letter and the the cool toys. My beloved stuffed animals also received some special treats from Santa this year, too!) 

I also (unknown to Mom and Dad until after the fact) wrapped some of my personal toys in envelops and gave them to my special friends. Interestingly - I got some wrapped the same way back! That was cool!

Here are our Santa photos from this year: