Friday, March 28, 2014

From Surgery Day...

Today I had surgery to repair an umbilical hernia. We spent several weeks preparing and today was the big day.  It was as positive an experience as one could have when undergoing surgery.

Mom made a new plant to add to my Plants vs Zombies family. This time it was "Wall-Nut" - whom I consider one of the bravest of the "plants". She also drew me a "guidebook" of plants from my favorite iPad game. My new plant and my most cherished "Daniel Cat" joined me in the operating room.

I had a great time decorating my anesthesia mask, too.

Dad accompanied me back to operating room (he even got to gown up, too). Actually, I had a whole crew of staff that accompanied me back. Surgery took 1 hour 5 minutes. We were at the hospital about 7 hours total. Love my surgeon - Dr. B.

I woke up very peacefully and quietly. My vital signs were monitored for a while before I left the hospital in style in a blue wagon. (I recall nothing of the surgery - just falling asleep and waking up - both with Dad at my side.)

When I arrived home I was given the dolls the hospital sent home for sister and myself. We get to use fabric markers to decorate their faces. They even came with hospital gowns and their own bandages, syringes, and anesthesia masks, too.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Snap Shots from My School...

Some of the photos are from Grandparents Day, some are from me on my share day. If you are wondering why there are none with kids' faces it is because we are protecting privacy for the students. I really do have many friends at school and from what Mom hears from some of the other parents I am well liked by my peers. She has heard many of the girls say they want to marry me when we grow up because I am nice.

Check out Mrs. T up there - she is amazing how she gets us all to listen and focus.

That is Mrs. W, our principal's office. I hope to never HAVE to visit there.

Grandparents Day 2014...

Last week at school was Grandparents Day. I am most fortunate to have three grandparents who live locally and are healthy enough to attend my gathering at school. Many photos are taken from a distance because the room was so full of grandparents. It was a wonderful time. Mrs. T was awesome, as always. The first photo is of me with Grandma and Grandpa N - it was for the bulletin board to be displayed on Grandparents Day.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Here are some photos from stuffing Valentines and my class party. I made all my valentines - I glued a foam heart to an envelope and decorated each. In looking at all the Valentines I received at school from the other kids, Mom says that no one went to such great efforts to make Valentines as I did. I drew a picture on each. Plus, I stuffed them with the necklaces Mom made and I designed. 

Mom was able to attend the class party and included is a great photo of Mrs. T, my teacher, holding Baby Sister. You can see the white heart Teacher is wearing - I specifically said she had to have the one white heart made. In fact, I made Mom make a special one just for her. There is also a photo of me with Miss M, our helper. I adore her, too. She made amazing Valentines for us - actually, those probably were more time intensive than mine.

Mom also caught me at school making a water color painting for my "girlfriend" B and sneaking it into her back pack. She told me it was very sweet and romantic. I just said I like doing nice things for my friends. Then I went and drew one for my friend R, one of the few other boys in the class.

What a fun day!

Break Dancing...

I insisted Mom sign me up for break dancing lessons. It's a four week session that takes place after school in the gym. I've been having a wonderful time.

Here are photos of me showing off my moves - robot, noodle, sit/spin, arm roll...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

From Christmas 2013...

Great year - kind of busy having another baby sister and all but I adore her and it was all great. I was especially proud of my gift I gave Mom and Dad. Something I've been working on at school for the past several months. I call it my magnum opus. It's a calender and each month there is art work that I've done representing that month utilizing my hand prints. I even made the wrapping paper for it. I also made a clay bell for them and an glittery angel made from a plate.

I was also excited that Santa stopped at our house. I received exactly what I asked for and even a few bonuses including some minions from Despicable Me 2. (I love that movie.)

Some of my favorite gifts - night time Yoda and Legos from Aunt Shelley, new sport suit from Auntie, play blanket from Nan, shirt from Grandma and Grandpa, and game from Dad. Mom also gave Sister and me some mind puzzle games which have also been fun.

It was a great year. I was healthy and had been especially good this past year.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa Visit 2013

I have been really excited to speak with Santa about my requests for this year. I've been especially good and know it. I also know being greedy gets one nothing on Christmas so I chose very carefully what I asked for. 

If you recall from my Halloween costume, I really enjoy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have a small catalog that came with a toy. There are lots of cool items in it. Among them is a giant sewer set. At first I really wanted that but it was so large it would take up most of my bedroom and after some conversing with Mom and reading some reviews about it, I changed my mind. 

Instead, there is a mini-sewer set for "on-the-go" play. It stores to look like a pizza box (the Turtles favorite food). This was such a funny and cleaver idea I decided this was better. Add to that a couple of minifigures to go with it and that was my list to Santa. The coolest part is he totally knew what I was asking for - he really knows his toys!

Mom waited a significant amount of time for us to see Santa. Dad took us to a nearby jungle gym so we could play for a couple of hours while she and Baby Sis waited. It was worth it - best Santa visit and best Santa photos yet.